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Card Processing Systems Products and Accessories

Along with offering a wide variety of products and services for your business, Card Processing Systems has relationships with various equipment distributors enabling us to provide special equipment to satisfy the needs of merchants with special requests.
Smartphone Swipers
With the increasing demand for smartphone processing equipment, Card Processing Systems now offers mobile swipers that can be connected to a merchant’s smartphone or tablet in order to process credit card transactions.
ANET Virtual Terminal
Authorize.Net is a payment gateway service provider allowing merchants to accept credit card and electronic checks payments through their Web site and over an IP connection. Authorize.Net claims has user base of over 305,000 merchants, which would make them the Internet's largest payment gateway service provider.
Mag Swiper
Mag swipers are offered to merchants using accounts to process credit card transactions. These swipers are connected to the merchant’s computer and used to collect card information by swiping rather than manually entering card numbers and cardholder information.
Hypercom T7+
The Hypercom T7 Plus is one of the best selling terminals of all time and we still recommend it as an entry level terminal. It is easy to use and reliable. The T7Plus has been in production for over 5 years and time has proven it to be a terminal that lasts and has become one of the most widely used terminals in the US. It is currently PCI-PED compliant. The T7 Plus uses a fast thermal printer, and can accept external PINpads, electronic check readers, smart card or contactless readers, and other peripherals
Verifone VX510
The VX510 utilizes the latest, most reliable advances in security to give small businesses invaluable peace of mind. It features optional broadband connectivity for lightning-fast transactions. Its efficient processing and high-speed thermal printer keep checkout lines on the move. Multi-tasking memory supports bank cards and value-added applications like loyalty or gift cards.
Nurit 8020
The NURIT 8020 is a PCI PED approved secure handheld solution and the bestselling wireless payment device in the world. This lightweight device enables fast, secure, error-free transactions for merchants “on the go.” The NURIT 8020 is an ultra-flexible wireless payment device used in a large variety of vertical market applications as a fast and efficient means of achieving increased and diverse revenue.
4850 Flatbed Imprinter
If you are looking for an affordable and reliable imprinter for your business, the Addressograph Bartizan 4850 Flatbed Imprinter is for you.   Many different types of businesses are using the Addressograph Bartizan 4850 Credit Card imprinter for their backup transaction needs.  The Addressograph Bartizan 4850 flatbed manual imprinter will provide you with accurate credit card information.  It will also give you a copy of all your transactions on the imprinter to help protect you from chargeback disputes. 
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